SkyRay Tactical Radar – An airborne weather radar training company for corporate and business jet flight crews.


SkyRay Tactical Radar – An airborne weather radar training company for corporate and business jet flight crews.




 Airborne weather radar training company for corporate and business jet flight crews - SkyRay Tactical Radar - Daniel Hannigan

Client Feedback and Testimonials


"Dan is very knowledgeable when it comes to weather radar. He can explain its components and operation in a manner that is easy to understand for any pilot. His passion is truly contagious!"

J. Pasek, FlightSafety Teterboro Dassault, Falcon 8X Instructor Pilot


"Dan is talented when it comes to radar technology and operation. His real world approach and ability to simplify complex technical topics makes learning enjoyable and effective."

Erica D., Captain, Dassault Falcon 900B


"We flew around cells that were contouring like the topo map of Devil's Tower! Wicked, ugly gradient that would hair lip a rooster! Dan is an excellent radar instructor and a focused pilot. He is the steely-eyed missile man!" 

J. Reed, USMC Captain CH-53 Sea Stallion

"Dan's knowledge and expertise in fully utilizing all the functions of the modern aircraft radar system is unmatched.  The great thing about Dan is that he has a true passion for helping and instructing other aviators.  I highly recommend Dan if you are ready to take your radar skills to the next level........the level every professional aviator should desire." 

R. Crews, USAF Lt. Colonel (ret.) MC-130P

"I've never seen other pilots ground map the shoreline with radar! Dan is the Yoda of X band, phased array radar."

D. Kelly, Captain, Hawker 800XP

“Captain Hannigan is enthusiastic and passionate. He shares his knowledge and expertise teaching and helping other aviators. You are an excellent writer, Captain Hannigan, and I am lucky to have met you. I have much respect and admiration for you.”

C. Garces, Captain, King Air 250, Pro Line Fusion, Medellin, Colombia, South America


"Dan's passion and intensity about airborne weather radar is infectious! Having flown with Dan at a fractional company many years ago I was fortunate enough to learn many things in using a radar. It is especially interesting and educational to fly with Dan during thunderstorm season in the Midwest. At times flying with Dan was like being with Capt. Ramius in the movie "Hunt for Red October" ......."verify our range to target, one ping only". Dan is the HAL 9000 of radar! The concepts that he teaches are not trivial. These are concepts and skills that can be applied on every flight and ultimately save your life."

R. Justice, Captain, Challenger 604

"I flew with Dan at an international charter outfit. Dan is not only a great teacher, he is a great friend. I wish I had met him when I was flying DC-3 cargo trips.“

C. Mills-Romines, Captain, King Air 200, Hawker 400XP

"Dan lifted the veil on the 'black art' of tilting and ranging the radar unit. He helped me effectively interpret radar imagery."

K. Low, Captain, Learjet 60

"Dan is a passionate, high energy and resourceful instructor with obvious expert level radar knowledge. He gave a captivating presentation on tilt management, radar shadowing and the use of ground clutter as a tool for situational awareness. Interesting how, Dan ties in echolocation of bats and dolphins to aircraft radar."

R. Mack, FlightSafety Savannah Gulfstream, G-650 Instructor Pilot

“Dan is a pleasure to be around both in and out of the cockpit. Loved having chats with him about radar and Thunderstorm avoidance.” D. Geary, Captain, Dassault Falcon 900EX